OH hey.

I’m Shawn Gurczak. Also know as Shawn Relish, which I find has a more digestible ring. I grew up on the east coast in a small town north of Boston. However, I don’t have much of an accent (or so I’ve been told). 
After receiving my BA in Illustration/Animation from The Art Institute of Boston in 2005, I moved to San Francisco to start my career. When I’m not working, I'm usually trying to surf or on an adventure in this amazing city on my bike. I’m a minimalist who sees the world as a layered playground of colors, patterns and textures where I can explore. Follow me on Instagram to see what I mean @shawnrelish.
I worked at a couple of boutique shops before arriving at Tribal DDB. My current title is Art Director, but that’s only because llustratorStrategicDesignerConceptualArtistSocialTechnologyThinker isn’t a word. At least that’s what the copywriters tell me.

Here's a brief list of some of the clients I've had the pleasure of working with.


Let connect. I’m always looking forward to hearing about future endeavors. No matter how big or small. If you have something in mind or just want to chat.